Introducing Sr. Elisabeth Meier (Alternate)

Sr. Elisabeth MeierMy name is Sr. Elisabeth Meier.

I belong to the Sisterhood of Bethesda in Basel, Switzerland, related to the Methodist Church. In DIAKONIA DRAE (Region Africa - Europe) I am a member of the Executive Committee and in DIAKONIA World EC I am an alternate member.

As a trained Nurse I worked for 4 years in a Mission Hospital in Thailand. As I had to return to Switzerland for health reasons I trained as a Director in Nursing and started work at the Bethesda-Hospital - belonging to the "Diakonat Bethesda". Two years later, in 1983, I joined the Sisterhood, a step I have never regretted! A few years ago I returned to Thailand for another 4 years to be the Manager of the Guesthouse of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship in Bangkok. 

By now I enjoy my "active retirement"! Within the Sisterhood of 38 mostly older Sisters I am responsible for the financial administration and I am involved in caring for Sisters who need assistance. We all live together in the same house, having our regular prayers three times a day. Intercession is one of our main ministries. I am also involved in the "Stadtgebet" - prayer for our town in the cathedral of Basel. The last years I continued to give support to the Guest House in Bangkok.

It is good to see how diaconal work worldwide can have so many different faces and yet all the ones involved in it have the same goal: Showing God's love to people in need.